What is blogging?

It is 2021, and blogging has become more than 25 years old since it first started. In the meantime, its definition, use, importance... everything has undergone a big change. So, in this small post, let us have a look at this activity in modern context.

What is blogging, in 2021?

Blogging is the publishing of long-form content on the web on a regular basis. 

Blogging has matured and become much wider than the narrow ways it used to be defined.

In 2021, the earlier definitions of blogging do not hold. Blogging is no longer "maintaining a web diary", "writing on a blogging platform", "having articles on a website in chronological order", etc. 

You are a blogger if you regularly issue videos on your YouTube channel or publish photographs on Instagram. On your standalone blog, you need not keep posts in chronological order. You also need not have the earlier tool of engagement (comment box) because you can better engage with visitors and followers through social networking and social sharing platforms.

You are a blogger even if you regularly post tweets, but it is expected that your tweets have substance more than just a "Wow!" or "Stupid!". Perhaps important information with a link to a relevant webpage qualifies the tweet to become a blog post in its own right.

Blogger now is a respected fellow who has substance in his head. The blogger of today is either a thinker or a web entrepreneur or both. He/ she is independent in thinking and actions, and is not a lazy guy who passes time by blurting out useless stuff on free writing platforms.

More than anything else, you must keep publishing, keep regularly updating content. The regularity is what makes your website a blog.

To see a list of good blogs, varying in design, content and other blogging attributes, click on this link:
what is blogging

Different types of blogging

 When people use blogging for professional gains or making money, it is called professional blogging, as against personal or hobby blogging. Professional blogging also involves content writing and is an integral part of a firm's content marketing strategy.

You call video blogging as vlogging, and audio blogging as podcasting. The term sociallogging is also there to refer to blogging on social networks. But the expression blogging prevails.

Then there is live blogging. You maintain a single blog post and keep updating it, without removing the previous content. Live blog becomes a quick log of a developing story, so is popular for updating a cyclone, a match, and counting of votes during elections.
Blogging used for formal education is called edublogging. Blogging gets associated with online [money making] activities such as travel (travel blogging), cooking (food blogging), fashion and lifestyle (lifestyle blogging), literature and book reviews (literary blogging), photography (photo blogging), and so on.

Blogging overlaps with many web activities. It is a part of social media or web media. Blogs are online publications. Blogging format is popular among news websites. In fact, some of the biggest news portals (e.g. huffpost) are a form of blog.


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