Blogging from passion to making money: Where do you stand?

Most bloggers the world over just blog. Their love for writing and/or clicking photos and sharing them on the blog keeps them going. They write about any topic that stokes their imagination - from spiritual and emotional matters to mundane daily life. They post photos, audio clips and videos of whatever they feel is worth sharing. They engage with other like-minded bloggers. Blogging is their love. Such bloggers make the bulk of the blogosphere.

The common bloggers often open a blog to satisfy the itch to share something more serious and permanent than posts on their Facebook or other social networking accounts. They feel they can write better than many others. They feel they have some special viewpoint on life-matters. They want to have a place where they can put their poems written over years or to share their views with the world whenever they are agitated with their government's actions or something bad happening in the society. They keep the blogging scene buzzing, alive.

Then there are bloggers who confine fully or mostly to some selected subjects such as their family, book reviews, fashion and food. Most of the times, these blogs are there because of passion of the blogger for the subject. 

There are some bloggers who talk about a very narrow subject, e.g. a particular village, a species that needs conservation, a particular type of math, a special software, ethnic cuisine of a tribal area... Their passion for the topic is amazing.

The other end of the spectrum: blogging for money

A small section of bloggers maintain blogs to make money blogging. They use the blog to promote their merchandise or services. They write on food, review books, promote their own book, post travelogues, showcase photographs... But while they make money blogging, their passion for the subject and the blogging craft does not die. 

The motive for having a blog goes to the extreme when bloggers open blogs as a means to make money, nothing else. No stupid passion here ;) This category of bloggers are much smarter when it comes to choosing the topic of the blog. They have turned blogging businessmen. They have mastered the art to get traffic to the blog, influence people to click on particular advertisements and monetise the blog to the hilt. They do a lot of research on what topics and what keywords would beat competition and get them dollars. They also open blogs where they brag about their earnings so that more people get attracted to them, they get more traffic, they monetise another blog...

Where do you stand?

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