Detailed observations on Indian blogging in English

...continued from the previous post on the release of the listing of topmost Indian Blogs... [The present post, published in June 2011 relates to examining over 5k Indian English blogs in the last six months, manually, to come out with a distilled list of top Indian blogs.]

Well, the task of ranking blogs for quality was enormous. Consider four of us giving marks to each blog on each of the many criteria, mixing marks given by each member, filtering blogs based on these criteria, examining the remaining blogs again and screening them for more stringent criteria...

Even after this big exercise, we are sure that many will find fault with our ranking of top Indian blogs into Platinum, Gold and Excellent blog categories. 

Content quality: We keep this as the top criterion for selecting a blog in the top blogs list and then ranking it higher within the listing. Content quality is a very subjective concept but we boiled it down to such clear criteria: quality of language, error-free prose, treatment of the subject, appropriateness of expressions, presentation of content. 

Design finery: This was not given much consideration except to place the blog higher within the list. (Platinum or Gold blogs must have a good design.) The attributes that we used include overall appeal, ease of navigation, cleanliness vs clutter. 

Regularity: We checked both consistency and regularity of updation of the blog, being alive to the fact that blogs of different niches cannot have same level of regularity.

Engagement: Blogging being a social media activity, we expect the blogs that we call the best blogs to have some element of interactivity with the visitors. 

Earning, etc.: We are not influenced at all by whether the blog is maintained on a free platform or is a self-hosted blog, or whether it is monetized or not. A blog's popularity or its performance in terms of Google PageRank or Alexa Rank are also of no consequence. 

top indian blogs in english


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