Manually compiled directory of top Indian Blogs on different subjects

If you have reached here while searching for a list of topmost Indian blogs in English in subjects ranging from beauty, fashion, photography and travel to current affairs, literature and philosophy, you have reached the right place. 

You are just one click away from the list of best blogs that you are looking for:  The Directory of Best Indian Blogs

This list is special, and different from other lists in many ways:

  • No fee or other favor (e.g. putting a badge or backlinking) is asked for including a blog on the list.
  • Blogs are checked for content quality, regularity and design besides some minor other parameters. The blogs are NOT selected by using numerical parameters such as Alexa ranking, number of links, traffic etc.
  • Each blog is checked manually, and not through an automated formula. The team starts with thousands of blogs, shortlists good blogs and then checks each blog multiple times so that no undeserving blog enters the list.
  • The blogs in the 'best' Indian blogs directory does have blogs that are not best in all compartments: all of them excel in content and devotion to blogging - but some may have a slightly ordinary design or some other less-than-the-best area. This is deliberate so that the quality of content wins rather than frills and technical excellence.
The directory comes in (i) an alphabetical version in which these topmost Indian blogs are arranged alphabetically, and (ii) a category-wise version in which these blogs are grouped into various categories such as personal, travel, fashion and so on.

top Indian blogs in English

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