Best Indian blogs: category-wise

We have grouped blogs of the 2018 edition of the best blogs directory into the following categories:

  • Art: This category includes blog on arts and crafts, design, architecture and decor. 
  • Audio-visual media: Blogs on music, movies and theater find a place here.
  • Current affairs: Blogs predominantly dealing with news and giving opinion on topical issues are kept here. 
  • Economics: Blogs on economic and financial matters, business management, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, jobs and product reviews [except beauty products] are placed in this section. 
  • Expatriates: This category has blogs by foreign nationals living in India. 
  • Fashion: This category has blogs on fashion as well as beauty business, and reviews of beauty products. 
  • Food: Cooking, diet, restaurant reviews.
  • Hyperlocal: Talking about a city or other small geographical area
  • Improvia: Blogs on self-improvement and spiritual matters, and also those on social issues have been put in this category. 
  • Lifestyle
  • Literary: This section also includes blogs with a significant number of book reviews. 
  • Niche: very narrow niches
  • Parenting
  • Personal matters, comments: This omnibus category includes blog in which bloggers write mostly on personal matters and also where they comment on any / many subjects. [However, where bloggers discuss mostly topical matters, such blogs find place in 'current affairs' category.] 
  • Photography 
  • Technology: Mostly IT blogs, also included are blogs on scientific matters.
  • Travel & culture: We had to mix these two subjects as we found a good number of blogs with content that overlapped travel and culture. Also includes history blogs.
Art: also craft, design, architecture, décor
Audio-visual media: music; movies; theater
Current affairs: news; opinion on topical issues
Economics: also financial matters, management, marketing, jobs, product reviews [except beauty products]
Environment, wildlife
Expatriates: foreign nationals in India
Fashion: also includes beauty business , related product reviews
Food: also restaurant reviews
Improving self n society: self-improvement; spirituality, social issues
Literary: also book reviews
Niche: narrow themes
Personal matters, comments [blogs predominantly dealing with discussions on topical matters are in current affairs category]
Technology: also ICT gadgets, science
Travel and culture, including history
You can visit the alphabetical list at this URL: Directory of Best Indian Blogs