Major Google updates: has your blog been affected?

Google Search carried out at least three major updates this year, and all are such that bloggers might have seen a dip (unusual: rise) in the search performance of their blogs.

The first one, that was announced last year was relating to page experience. In short, if a page has features that give bad experience to the visitor, that affects the search performance of that page. Google itself considers it a significant addition to how it looks at webpages

The other two updates are in one sense even more important: they relate to spam or artificially jacking up one's webpages on the search result pages (SERP). If your website or blog has been getting links from guest posts, forums, etc in a way that it looks artificial to Google, you are in trouble. The first of the two updates was rolled out through June-August. We at Top Blogs received its notice on 24th August, and has seen slight uptick in its performance. 

The next spam update is currently being rolled out. 

Google search algorithm updates

What is Google's advice to website owners? As always, it advises that the quality of content and its usefulness to the visitors should be in mind rather than artificial boosting of site ranking and - worse - trying to fool search engines with tricks. That applies to not only Google but also Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines, isn't it?