Laptop not recognizing headphones fixed

This post is not on blogging but helping bloggers, especially new and bloggers on YouTube whose laptop has stopped recognizing headphones. This may happen occasionally or all the time. Because I fixed it, thought to share it with the community.

Windows 10 comes with a Realtek audio driver pre-installed for managing the audio. But often it is not installed with all its wares and sometimes it misbehaves too. One frustrating thing that many users face is the laptop not recognizing headphones. And when the laptop does not recognize headphones or headsets, you try to change all types of settings but it does not help. It happens mostly on Windows 10 computers.

This is how you should approach it, and it will work perfectly. 

1. Go to Control Panel. Then click on the grid of dots to open all services. If Realtek audio manager is listed, you can change the audio output settings there. 

sound card - audio driver

2. The issue could be worse: Realtek audio manager missing issue. In that case you have to download Realtek HD audio manager. You need to download the driver pack. This is available on Realtek site, for both 32 bit and 64 bit computers. However, downloading the audio driver from Realtek site is a pain, because the connection is extremely slow, it breaks and the downloaded audio driver might not even work!

Here comes my experience handy. I tried Dell and Sony websites where too the Realtek audio driver is available. However, the download from OEMdrivers did wonders. It fixed the laptop not recognizing headphones issue in two ways: It started shifting to the inbuilt speaker or headphone when the headphone was inserted or removed. In addition, it started giving prompts when a new device or software (e.g. Whatsapp) wanted to use a sound device. 

Let me give the download link for Realtek HD audio driver/ manager. There are options for Windows 7, 10, 11 etc, and also 32 bit and 64 bit. 

Disclosure: I have no commercial affiliation whatsoever with OEMdrivers.