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Donald Trump takes to blogging

This blog is devoted to helping bloggers. However, once in a while - when some interesting events happen on the blogging scene - we are unable to resist reporting them to our visitors.

The ex-US President, Donald Trump was permanently blocked from Facebook last week. Twitter has already taken similar action. So, Trump has taken to blogging!

Donald Trump blog website

You can call the latest web venture of Trump and his political teams a website or even a portal (as they are likely to make it big over time), but it is being maintained as a blog. On a section, Desk, Trump keeps posting vitriolic posts, many times on some days. The blog (or blog section of the website: Desk or 'From the desk of Donald J. Trump') is straightforward but very rudimentary by today's standards: there is no comment box (probably on purpose), no other way of interaction, no website finery. Ironically, it has buttons for posting the content to Facebook and Twitter!

Baloch/ Urdu blogging website closes down

In another development, a blogging platform in Urdu (the official language of Pakistan) has downed its shutters, unable to carry on, as "it has become impossible to run the website with limited financial and human resource". Well, one reason must have been pressure from Pakistani authorities as this platform - Haal Hawal (Current Reference: as translated by Google) was run by Baloch, an ethnicity in constant political fight with the mainstream). 

blogging platform in Urdu

"Hal Hawal was the first Urdu online blogging website from Balochistan, which was launched on May 3, 2016, the International Day of Freedom of the Press, and was named after Irshad Mastoi, the martyr of Balochistan journalism," the blogging site says in its closing statement, "More than 200 writers have contributed in these five years and a total of more than 11,000 articles have been published."