3 huge benefits of blogging for businesses

Businesses can benefit from blogging in many ways. In all cases, blogging indirectly improves customer relations and loyalty and in most cases, blogging leads to a better return on investment (RoI). If you have a small business, you must write a blog to promote your business - and it will pay handsomely in the long run.

Having a blog shows you are a serious player.

Look at the competition. Those who run their business as old style shop will not have bothered to make a blog if at all they have a website. So when you have a blog (and it MUST be maintained well), you are on a higher pedestal, other things being equal.

Blog helps in building reputation. Blog helps the business in acquiring the status of industry leader. A well-maintained, information rich, blog makes you a thought leader in your industry.

Blog means regular updation, and your website and brand get a better ranking from search engines, and better traffic from social media.

Unlike a regular website, the blog is regularly updated. This sends a much bigger positive ranking signal to Google and other search engines. This, in turn, leads to a better placement of your blog on search pages. I need not tell the enormous advantages you get when your website/ blog is placed on the first page of Google. In short, it means huge traffic and improved reputation - and these can convert into dollars.

Blogging helps in improving SEO in other ways too. You can optimize blog posts for search ranking much better than the information on a static website or portal. Blogs are also likely to be talked about among people who are related to your industry, much more than your website.

Blog posts are shared on social media and thus get distributed organically without almost no effort and spending on your part.

A well-maintained blog connects to customers and helps in building brand loyalty.

You should use social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter for social discovery and engagements, and I am not suggesting that you use blog for these actions. But having a blog takes engagement with strangers as well as existing customers to a different level: you can showcase developments, discuss technology and industry, explain things in detail if they go wrong, and so on - things that cannot be done effectively in the fleeting social networking space. 

In fact, blogs have a natural synergy with other social media. You can make posts on the blog and share them on the social media - this model has many advantages for businesses than just having social networking accounts. 

Blogging is great for your business whether you are in a very competitive niche or when you need to create a market for yourself, because it gives you the customized exposure that the website, social media and even advertisement do not give. 

I will not make more points for the sake of adding to this list. Let me share some empirical data to support what I said above, from Hubspot (https://blog.hubspot.com):

  • Companies that blog are reported to receive 97% more links to their website than those who don’t. 
  • A recent study that firms that blogs got 55% more visitors to their websites.
  • A content marketing survey found that over 55% said that blog was their most critical content marketing action. 
  • Blogs have been found to be the fifth most trusted source for online information.

blogging for business

Before closing, let me conclude by saying that blogging gives many benefits to businesses. Allow me to add that the benefits accrue only when you maintain the blog properly and use it for genuine engagement with visitors.

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