5 quick blogging reminders for success in 2019 and beyond

You have been maintaining your blog for years and so you don't need to learn how to 'manage' your blog in 2019. Read on if you thought so.

We are not talking here about just maintaining the blog, we're talking about managing it. Managing it like you'd manage your finances, your business, your career...

When you look at the blog as a long term asset of yours that you need to nurture for your growth in one chosen area, or overall growth, you need to invest your time and energy in managing it. We are serious. 

Blogging reminders for 2019

Have a goal for the blog. 

It is better if you write down your goal. Make it slightly difficult but achievable.

Give time to blogging. 

The time that you apportion to blogging depends on the target you want to achieve. If you want to develop it as a full time profession, you'd need much more time than the time needed for hobby blogging. If it is for business purposes, time required will depend further on whether you use blog as the main channel for business or you use it to supplement the main channel.

Care for content, but also other aspects of blogging.  

Spend time and energy on composing posts and giving more information. However, don't disregard SEO and social interactions - online as well as offline. 

The blog must evolve. 

Change the blog's look and feel, add new features and take down some, offer something new to viewers... Let the blog keep evolving. 

Don't make changes for change sake; introduce them after due consideration.

Back up, hazard-proof the blog. 

Do not leave the blog without firewall protection. Have a plan for regular back up. 

a n d ...

Review blogging action points every six months.  

The action points mentioned here are not one-time actions. You need to keep re-visiting them, perhaps on six-monthly basis. 

Review your performance on each of the points given above. Is the blog performing as planned and as per targets? If you have not been getting time for blogging, is there something that must be sacrificed for blogging? If the content is not top-notch, do you need to take some action - taking editing advice, improving photos, pre-testing content through friendship circle... Does some compartment need special attention? Have you backed up the blog at least once in the last six-months? If you are not getting popular - and not getting enough back-links and relevant visitors - is there something you need to do?