Get free web hosting, yet run your blog with independent domain name!

How much do you need to spend for creating and maintaining a good website or blog?

Any website or blog must have a domain name and must be hosted on some web hosting server. For independent blogs, money needs to be spent on both - and the web hosting fees are usually high if you go for a good plan. In addition, not all web hosts give good service. 

Thanks to Google, which runs the Blogger blogging platform, you can have an independent blog without having to pay web hosting fees!

Please note that we are not talking about a huge website with ecommerce or huge data sharing. We are also not talking about a blog like the Huffington Post, which employs hundreds of employees to maintain it. We are talking about a nice looking website or blog, created by an individual blogger or a small business, which is regularly updated and has hundreds of posts with photos and occasional videos too.

Blogger provides free web hosting to even blogs with an independent domain name!

When you create a blog on Blogger, it gives you a blog address (e.g. and hosts it free for you. There are limits to how much you can post and store on Blogger, but these are big enough for a blogger not into big business. [Google encourages businesses to go for 'Google Sites'.] For example, you can post as many posts as you like but not more than 50 a day (most good blogger publish 2-4 posts a week); and your photo storage is limited to 15 GB. With the photos getting compressed in Google Photos, this is quite enough space. Besides, small photos do not count towards your space limit.

What you need to do is to buy a relevant and good domain name. You can choose any (e.g. GoDaddy). But Google can help you choose one (on the blog, go to Dashboard> Settings> Blog Address>Set up a third party URL for your blog). In both cases, you have to BUY the domain name (=your website/ blog address) and keep renewing it year after year. This is the only expenditure you incur and your blog remains hosted on Blogger servers, and you continue to use all Blogger tools.

When you go to the above-mentioned option on Blogger ('Set up a third party URL for your blog'), it asks you for the new domain name or offers to get one on payment. You choose the option, give it an independent name and that's it! Now your blog becomes You have got free web hosting while having an independent domain name: great, isn't it?

Start a blog with free web hosting

There are numerous advantages of letting Google host your blog, and these include: no botheration of the blog's security, very small chance of it getting hacked, free HTTPS security, and use of the latest web technology. In addition, you can earn from the blog by publishing different types of ads.

The other big free blogging platform, Wordpress, also allows you this facility of mapping your blog with an independent domain name, but charges you for that!