Do you earn well from blogging? If not, you may be ignoring something so simple!

When people starts blogging with a view to earn from the blog, they feel that it should be very easy. After all, if one puts a large number of ads on the blog and does search engine optimization, there should be no reason that many people would visit his blogs, click on the ads and the blogger would earn handsomely.

When after a long period of toil, such bloggers do not earn enough, the hard reality dons on them. Experts who have analyzed why some bloggers earn big and some don't have found that the basic formula remains the same. It is that only a few bloggers apply the formula correctly. 

The earning formula for bloggers is not that difficult

In one sentence, the formula is just this: the total earning is the multiplication of the number of visitors and actions taken by them! It is so simple, and yet let's see how it works - or why it does not work. 

For example, take two numbers, X and Y whose values can be from 0 to 10. Thus, their multiplication can result a maximum of 100. Now suppose you cannot raise the value of Y beyond 3, their product can be now cannot be more than 30. So, you can get only 30% of the potential if you do not allow one of the numbers to go all up to 10. This is what happens in most cases of blogging. The blogger works hard in one area but ignores the other - the end result is much less than 100%.

In the graphic given here, we have broken the basic formula into two. This results in three sets of actions you need to take. If any of them is weak, the product or the total earnings will be badly affected. You need to see see which of the areas you are ignoring and take the required action. In each set, we have also given actions that you can take but the lists are not exhaustive. 

You got the point? You might be creating awesome content, but not promoting enough... or writing and promoting enough but working in a poorly paying niche... or working hard to optimize and promote but creating very ordinary content. 

In essence, if your blog is not earning good for you, you need to check which area of activity you have been ignoring. Improve that by 50% and your results will be double. Isn't the formula so simple and yet so much ignores?

Here you go!

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