Wordpress and Blogger: both have good news for bloggers!

Let me share that both, Wordpress and Blogger, have come with some interesting features on their blogging platforms.

Wordpress has been working on Gutenberg project, one of whose main aims is to make posting of rich text easier on the blog editor. The other one is to migrate the web-design of blogs/ websites to be created using Wordpress to a more customizable 'block' based design of websites. This has already been on offer as a plugin, but the formal release is expected with Wordpress 5.0.

Wordpress promises that users will be very satisfied with these new features. It also says, 'it is just the beginning'!

You can download Gutenberg and learn about its features here: Gutenberg by Wordpress

Coming to Blogger. This platform had announced in May about some cleaning more than new features. That included discarding OpenID and third-party widgets. 

But recently, Blogger has issued a new app, Blog Compass, for blogging. On both Android and iOS, this app is presently available only in India and is reported to have some bugs such as not being able to find existing blogs. 

Blogger says, it is migrating all the existing blogs to a new cloud-based storage system called Spanner that is very robust and has 99.999% uptime.