Is Facebook going the way Orkut went? What would then rule the social media?

Facebook cannot be compared with Orkut, the social media biggie when Facebook came to the scene and annihilated it.

Yet, things seem to be happening the same way, as if history repeating itself. Facebook is already slowing down and is embroiled in controversies relating to data privacy, the platform's impact on young minds, its misuse in elections and so on.

I am not being a doomsayer; I have been seeing the decline of the present wave of social media coming at the beginning of the next decade. It is almost predestined. A balloon cannot remain inflated for too long.

The social media observers would perhaps not mind the decline and death of Facebook and its sister, Instagram. But, their annihilators are yet not in place. The worrying issue is not their demise but the prospect that the new entities may be worse than these. They may be much more immersive and instant; they may be more manipulative, more addictive. The fast growth of connectivity and higher bandwidth, much faster growth of video, use of artificial intelligence in our lives - all these are waiting to result into a new social media entity that would rule the world 3-4 years from now.

Let's see.