Best blogging tools in 2018: Picture enhancement tools

Continuing from the previous post in this series on free, tested and verified tools for bloggers as of mid-2018, we have the following recommendations in the area of image editing and enhancement:

Professional photo editors

There are free professional editors such as Photoshop and CorelDraw, which are immensely feature-rich but very expensive. In most cases, even professionals do not know all their  features and do not need to use them. 

Luckily, the wonderful open-source community has been supporting three almost equally good FREE professional image editing software:

1. Gimp is a highly professional raster image editing software just like Photoshop. It has numerous editing options, brushes and effects. The latest version (2.10) is superb.

2. Inkscape is a free vector image editor and is a CorelDraw alternative. One can create beautiful vector graphics using this software.

Quick and easy image editors

Most bloggers do not need to use sophisticated image editing software because their needs are limited to creating infographics or simple images, putting text over images to display quotes or slogans, and minor editing and improvement of photos. For such jobs, the following are fantastic free tools available, which are free and easy. However, most of them have free and premium versions, so the free versions have some limitations.

Infographics are images in which data is depicted through shapes, graphs and process indicators. These make it easy to appreciate lots of data, a long history etc. and are popular on blogs and social networking sites.

If you are a blogger or are active on social media working in a visually appealing niche (e.g. travel, arts, fashion, cooking) but do not need high-end photo editing, go for the simple ones listed below. They sometimes give much better output in a short time than the professional ones and their results are fine enough for the web media. For example, making an infographic or overlaying text on a photo is very time-consuming on the top photo editors but it is damn easy on the ones given below.

1. is slightly less sophisticated than Gimp, but easier to use and has some ready-to-use effects, brushes and tools good enough for most image editing work.

2. Krita is a near-professional grade painting software for making artwork and paintings. Like Gimp and Inkscape, it is opensource and completely free.

3. Fotor free version is a good image editing and design tool available online and offline (only for Windows). The Fotor site also has a number of tutorials on image editing.

4. Canva is an online quick image making and editing tool, and can make images suiting different social media accounts and blogs. Its free version has a number of photo backgrounds and presets and one can use one's own photographs and also edit the default fonts and colors. It is not limited to blog images but can be used for making presentations, design brochures, make infographics,  etc.

5. Visme is a free online infographic and presentation maker and has numerous themes available. You can use wizards to customize a theme to create wonderful infographics in minutes. It can also be used to make ebooks, flowcharts etc.

6. Piktochart excels in making infographics in a very large range of formats.  

To be fair to others not listed here, let me add that there are many other free online and offline tools for image-related jobs. In fact, many picture viewers have a library of effects and minor image editing capabilities. 

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Disclaimer: TopBlogs does not have any commercial or other arrangement with the software, tools and websites recommended here.