Best blogging tools in 2018: Professional audio and video tools, completely free!

In the previous two posts, I gave an update on the best free writing and language tools and picture tools available at present on the web. The present post talks about some tested, reliable and acclaimed multi-media tools.

One caveat: All the tools listed here are top class and beat their paid counterparts. However, all need a bit of familiarization. Bloggers who are not required to have highly polished products with sophisticated effects may find these difficult. However, there are tutorials available on the web on all these tools.

In the next post, I am going to share experiences of two YouTubers who are doing excellent job without much learning and sophistication. Yet, I feel that quality matters. And the tools look intimidating only till you are familiar with them. You read a bit (in case you do not know anything about video work), play with these tools and keep becoming more and more of an expert. After a few days of experimenting and learning online, you find them easy and the time spent on learning would amaze you that you can be so productive later.


Lightworks is a professional-grade video editor that can be used for all types of editing and effects on a wide range of videos. However, it has a steep learning curve if you are very new to video editing, and consumes big resources on the computer. However, there are a number of tutorials available on the site to guide you.

Lightworks pane: professional video editing

Shotcut is even better than Lightworks in some ways. It is simpler and instant. Unlike most video editors it does not require a project to be created and one can work straight on the video. Its range of video formats is also wider.

Shotcut: a short cut to prof video editing

Nothing beats this software tool when it comes to recording and editing audio. Rich in filters and options on different aspects of audio editing and enhancement, Audacity is a must have for audio bloggers and podcasters, and also for those recording audio for tutorials etc.

OBS Studio 

This is a very sophisticated suite for video and audio capturing from the computer, video streaming and mixing on the go. Being opensource and free, there is no limit on the number of sources and length of streaming or recording.

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