Doing away with the list of the topmost Indian blog list

Top Blogs has been running a Platinum List of blogs for the last eight years, but has decided to NOT compile the list this year.

The reason is small. The list was found to be very elitist by some, impractical by some others. (It had blogs with content of significance and high blogging standards but not necessarily the most modern design. Earning was not a factor at all.) Some felt, it was too small to take note of (between 20 and 30 blogs). And it took a lot of time of ours in deciding the best-est among the best.

Moroever, our focus has also shifted towards helping bloggers with practical tips and also updating visitors and subscribers on social media. In that role, we have always been global in our outlook, not India-focused.

However, the Indian roots stay with us. Our flagship listing is the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. Besides that, we also compile a similar listing of best blogs in Hindi language. Both these are very popular and in demand. We'd continue to bring out editions of these directories in future. We had earlier shared our intent to bring our directories in other languages, but we are giving up that ambition at least for the time being.

Happy blogging!

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