Big changes by Blogger

Blogger has announced that it is making some changes to the blogging platform, some big and some small.
  • One of the important ones is that third party widgets are being retires. These will no longer be available because Blogger found them of low value. However, you can use HTML/ Javascript widget to bring in additional features.
  • Another important addition is HTTPS security for custom domains. This was very much required and owners of websites and blogs created on Blogger platform should thank Google for it.
  • One noticeable but minor change will be that blogspot will no longer show country TLDs. At present, becomes in Russia and in India. Now, all blogspot blogs will have .com TLD.
  • OpenID, which is one of the universal identity labels, is no longer supported by Blogger. It says, all the comments made earlier on Blogger blogs using OpenId are being anonymized.
  • Other features announced by Blogger include better Google+ integration, multi-login facility on the same browser and better video management.

For more details, you can visit the Blogger official blog.