2018 Best Indian Blogs Directory: top Indian blogs are going to be at one place

This post specially addresses Indian bloggers.

We at Top Blogs are greatly excited now that we have shortlisted about two thousand out of numerous blogs that we have scanned since February for including them in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.

We started bringing out the Directory in 2011 and the current one, to come out on 1st June 2018, will be its eighth edition. Though we now have more articles on blogging and social media - which are without national boundaries - we continue to take the Indian Directory work with utmost seriousness and are proud of our unbiased and manual selection of blogs.

During the shortlisting, we have found some of our general observations on Indian blogging in English further validated.

For example,

  • Many bloggers who want to earn big online and are in a hurry tend to try their hand on many online activities, and blogging happens to be one of them. Out of them, a big number does not want to spend a penny on blogging and do a poor job themselves. Therefore, the world of Indian blogging now has a good number of blogs meant for earning but maintained unprofessionally. 
  • Yet, Indian blogging is getting more mature and professional. Many people now take blogging as a part-time or whole-time enterprise and they are highly professional about it. Some have shared that they earn handsomely from blogging.
  • In taking up blogging as a business, savvy bloggers do not limit themselves to traditional form of blogging but use new social sharing platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, even Facebook. 
  • Blogging as a social activity is still there and in absolute terms it must be as much as it was before. However, if online communication has risen manifold in the last 5-7 years, most of it is happening on social networking and app-based chatting platforms.
  • The amateurish tendency to open many blogs (but not devote enough time to any) seems to have lessened over years.  

As you know, we are in the last leg of compilation of the list of top English blogs in India. However, if you have some outstanding blog in view, don't hesitate to recommend that by emailing its URL to kp.nd.2008@gmail.com.

best blogs in India in 2018

Looking forward to sharing the 2018 edition of the list of topmost Indian blogs with you on 1st June.

Happy blogging!