How to get SSL security for Blogger blogs with independent domain name?

Google last year shifted all its blogs on Blogger platform behind the SSL security, and their URLs got the prefix HTTPS:// in place of HTTP://

Google has also announced that it would work for a world wide web in which all websites have the minimum level of security layer so that communications between the user's computer and the website server are not hacked and misused, and people actually visit the intended site and not a fake one.

There is an issue, however, with Blogger blogs that have an independent domain name. A large number of bloggers map their Blogger blogs to independent domain names (custom domains), and Google does not provide them HTTPS:// security.

A number of queries made to Google have resulted in their saying that since the code has to be changed at many places so that all pages result in HTTPS:// they would make the shift available after some time.

However, quietly, Google has given a surprise to bloggers: you can change to HTTPS:// on your own by two clicks!

Giving the blog HTTPS security the easy way!

  • Go to Settings.
  • In Basic section, go to HTTPS.
  • Against HTTPS Availability, change the button to Yes.
  • Visit this page after some time. 
  • Against HTTPS Redirect, change the button to Yes.
You will have got your blog with HTTPS. HTTPS, besides making the sites secure, is an SEO signal too!

Let's make the www more secure with SSL security to websites.

If this hack does not work for you, please make a comment so that we petition Google. If you think, this redirect results into a 'mixed security status' issue, kindly share that too.