Social updates: another blogger killed, Facebook's downvote button, Twitter makes money, social media fights

Another blogger pays with life, this time for angering goons

A well-known Mexican blogger, Pamika Montenegro, has been shot [perhaps] for her writings against organised crime. Known as La Nana Pelucas (= Grandma in Wigs), the satirist blogger ran an online maagzine, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel where she often mocked politicians and drug lords.

Screen-grab of Pamika's recent YouTube show
Investigation is still on to pinpoint and apprehend the murderers. Mexico has a long history of murders of social media activists and journalists in the hands of criminals.

Ugly social media war likely in UK elections now on!

Tories are hiring tweeters to fight social media war against Labour in the UK.

According to Telegraph, the Conservative Party of the UK is hiring a big number of people to tweet to outbid the opposition Labour Party which has been able to garner good support on social media, especially among young voters, through its campaign group, Momentum. 

Reports say, the Conservative Party is far behind its major opponent on social media. The new Chairman of the party says, its supporters are facing vitriolic attacks from the left supporters and it needs to be firmly countered.

We are likely to witness three things here, one legitimate and two ugly:

  • a social media campaign, putting forth one's views and countering opposition campaign;
  • creating fake persona and trolls to abuse and provoke others and derail public discourse; and
  • bloating one's social media numbers falsely.

Social media is being used vociferously in previous national elections across the globe. India, the US, France... we have seen this happening in a big scale in the last 6-7 years. All social media campaigns have suffered from the ugly aspects of use of social media for electoral politics.

Twitter becoming a tool in fight between politicians and bureaucrats too!

Social media is adding to the on-going friction between politicians and officials in Delhi.

India's capital New Delhi is located in a state called Delhi. This state is governed by an elected government with limited powers. There has been a tussle going on between the political rulers of Delhi and its bureaucrats for some days after the highest official of the state was called for a meeting at midnight at the Chief Minister's residence and was allegedly beaten up.

The ruling party, AAP, has been active on social media, broadcasting that the federal government of Modi is trying to destabilize Delhi government by provoking officials. What has added to the friction is opening up of two Twitter accounts by employees where they express their views and share photos and images of wrong-doings by members of AAP.

AAP has also questioned these Twitter handles  following just @NarendraModi, AAP's bete noire. 

Facebook tests 'downvote' but is wary of implementing it?

Facebook has been testing a downvote button on comments, so that people can show their disapproval for comments that are inappropriate or just useless.

The social networking giant has clarified that it is not going to implement 'dislike' but has been testing the 'downvote' feature for some time on a small number of US timelines. 

The feature has not been rolled out or even expanded after a month of public testing. Does it show, Facebook does not have guts to implement it?

Twitter makes some money, finally!

Twitter may be one of the most popular social media and micro-blogging platform but unlike Google and Facebook, it has made no money for 12 long years.

Hopefully, the dry days are over for Twitter. It made a small quarterly profit in the December 2017 quarter, the first ever, and has shown progressively better results in the last few quarters.