Blogging: 3 recent trends to continue

Around 2005, blogging was the in thing.

Around 2010,  since Orkut and Squidoo were growing in popularity, naysayers predicted that mainstream blogging was doomed.

Then came the mighty Facebook and Twitter who wiped out the earlier social media and are still on top.
Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Google Plus and other social networking, media sharing and chatting sites too gained ground. Some are floundering and some still are relevant. 

The question is asked every new year, whether mainstream blogging has a future.

Data and reports show that it has never been as good for blogging. 

People are using blogging more effectively than even in 2005. The influence of blogs is growing.  Read on...

Yes, mainstream blogs' number has flattened.

It is guessed that many thousand blogs take birth a day, but the total number of blogs does not seem to be growing. That is, as many blogs are dying everyday as new ones are coming up.

English blogs in traditional format seem to be going down in number while the number of blogs in non-Roman languages and blogs on Facebook, LinkedIn etc is going up.

However, more and more blogs are being maintained professionally.

Personal/ hobby blogs are the most ephemeral ones, being created in large number (and mostly on free blogging platforms) and being left after sometime to decay and die. 
On the other hand, professional blogging has gained significantly. Sellers and advertisers recognize good blogs, and a good number of bloggers take up blogging as part-time or full-time business.

And, blogs' influence is growing.

Blogs are being taken seriously for marketing. That's not only due to rise in professional blogging, but also because of realization among brands and advertisers that blogs serve more value per dollar spent, and the impact is more long-lasting - than traditional media as well as social media as a whole.

These trends have set in profoundly in the field of blogging. Expect more of it in 2018 and beyond.

Happy blogging!