GST on blogging income in India: Doubts cleared about income limit

This article is on applicability of Goods and Services Tax on blogging income, and relates to bloggers in India or advertisers / ad networks/ affiliates selling ads to Indian bloggers.
We carried this article earlier on applicability of Goods and Services Tax on bloggers in India. The information given in the article is still valid to the extent it has not been edited there, and some new clarifications have come from taxation experts and government. 

Many bloggers have petitioned CBEC and we at ITB have given them written representations and requested them on their Twitter handle to clear bloggers' doubts, but they seem to be busy in bigger things and have not given convincing answers except some that I have quoted in this post. Some taxation experts have interpreted the law in detail as it applies to bloggers. But after the GST Council meeting on 6.10.2017, there is great relief to bloggers. 

No GST for blogging income up to Rs. 20 lakh

Before the latest decision of GST Council, all  bloggers who earned anything by selling their services attracted GST. There was no exemption  regarding applicability of the limit of Rs. 20 lakh for bloggers because they traded in inter-state services.

The good news is that all service providers of any kind are now exempt from registration and payment of GST if their turnover is less than Rs. 20 lakh. Pl look at the factoid issued by CBEC on 6th October:

GST for bloggers

 This was followed by a tweet on FAQs, issued on 12th October:

No GST for bloggers in India

So, this clears all doubt that small bloggers with turnover below Rs. 20 lakh (=2 million)do not require to register for GST or pay this tax.