What really is called a blog in 2017? And, btw, what is the latest definition of blogging?

The smallest definition of Blog in today's context would be: Blog is a website with regularly updated pages.

That sums up the essence of blogging, other things are secondary.

In 2017, the 'web diary' definition looks too restrictive, because blogs now include numerous types of websites. A blog being a website and its regular updation are the only attributes that remain its core identifiers.

Let me hurry to say that while all blogs need to have regular updation, not all websites with regular updation fit into the category of 'blog'. Not yet.

You might say, this small, simplistic, definition would include all types of social networks and web-chat apps. That's really the point, and we'd see enough reason for including all such sites as blogs when we talk of 'blogging' below. 

So, what is blogging, circa 2017?

Blogging is the task of maintaining a blog.

If that is too short, let's use this: Blogging is to publish posts on a regularly updating website.

That would include almost the entire social media, no?

Yes, we are moving towards that definition of blogging. In fact, today, if you maintain a Facebook timeline (not even an FB page or FB note), you are called a blogger. If you regularly post on a community website, you are a blogger. If you are active on social network sites and this activity makes news, the newspapers of tomorrow would give it the headline, "Blogger in California suburb..."

I'd stop this short discussion here. You could consult Blogging Manual 2017 for more details if you feel like dissecting the topic as an academic. 
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