Social media news: Facebook Watch, most liked tweet and blue whale game's suicidal spread

The curse of blue whale

The computer game Blue Whale has caused havoc across many countries by prompting youth to commit suicide. Started in Russia in 2013, the game caught fancy in 2016 when it was reported that this addictive game guides the gamers into finally committing suicide. Philipp Budeikin, who claims to have invented the game blue whale, has been arrested and he has pleaded guilty of prompting 16 girls to commit suicide in the first instance.
The game is not viral but has has been attracting people, mostly young ones and teens, and there are reports of boys and girls jumping from balconies or cliffs in the final stage of the 50-day game.

Facebook introduces 'watch' for shows

Facebook has introduced a new feature on mobile, desktop and app that allows people to see live or recorded shows. 'Watch' as it is called, is right now available to a select audience and will be rolled out soon worldwide.

As per Facebook release, Watch will allow people to customise their watchlist. At the same time, it will also make it easy for people to make their own shows. 
Facebook's watch feature for video shows.
Facebook's Watch: showpiece or real shows?

How are these 'shows' different from routine videos? This is what Facebook has to say: Shows are made up of episodes – live or recorded – that follow a consistent theme or storyline. Shows are a great format if you want to share a video series, like a weekly cooking show, a daily vlog, or a set of videos with recurring characters or themes.

The most viral tweet so far, and well deserved!

In the violence that erupted on August 12 in Charlottesville, Virginia, US, white supremacists and anti-racial groups clashed. Then a car crashed into anti-racial protesters and killed one man. 

All types of messages started flooding the social media after the event. While President Trump could not gather sane, subtle, words to denounce the violence, ex-President Barack Obama made three tweets quoting Nelson Mandela. And the first one of them has made history: It is till now the most liked tweet, with nearly 4.5 million likes!

While still on the clash story, let me share the report that after the incident, US social media took down hate groups and websites but they have adopted the Russian social network, VK to share and spread far-right content.