June 19, 2017

Best Indian blogs 2017: travel, parenting, tech, photo, personal blogs and many others

We released the Directory of Best Indian Blogs on June 1 and now we have arranged the blogs category-wise as in the previous years.

This year, we have a new category of Parenting. On the other hand, we did not find many good blogs on Sports and so have dropped that category. We'd be able to include Lifestyle category from next time only; this time, blogs claiming to be lifestyle blogs fit in the major category to which they belong. Many blogs with good resources on more than one niche have been included in more than one category.  

More details on the categories are available on the category-wise blog listing page.

As has been the trend, most blogs in the Directory are personal blogs and those with comments on all things on the earth, with no significant resources on other categories. But only because they are not 'professional' or not focusing on making money does not mean they are any less; in fact, some blogs in the personal category are eminently outstanding.

If your blog is in the Directory and you feel it has not been given the right category, do write to us. Before sending us an email, please be sure the blog has enough resources to be included in the category in which you want it to be.

After release of the Directory, we've received over two hundred emails asking us to include their blogs in the Directory. Most of these bloggers are those whose blogs have been in the Directory year after year but were not there this time. We found that these were mostly those blogs that had some technical rather than quality issue. We have re-examined such blogs and restored them where required. A few more blogs have also been added. 

best of Indian blogging

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