Releasing the 2017 Edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs

The 2017 edition of Directory of Best Indian Blogs has been released today.

We toiled a lot but gold is what we've found!

We went through thousands of blogs, shortlisted them over many rounds and finally distilled the list to about 300 blogs. In doing so, we made more than 200,000 page visits  during the last four months. 

This time, we also sourced Twitter to find new blogs and we did find hundreds of good blogs linked to Twitter. We could take about two dozen such blogs because others did not meet our selection criteria. But the labor was worth it as some blogs are really very good.
As always, you will find a  bouquet of good quality blogs in this Directory, all contributing appreciably to the richness of the blogosphere. All may not be outstanding in ALL quality parameters but they excel in content and are passionate bloggers, even if not so outstanding in terms of engagement or design. 

We've tried to be most objective, fair and purposeful

When in doubt (e.g. when the there were spelling or grammatical mistakes or the design was not so good or navigation was poor, and we felt like dumping the blog), we posed this question to ourselves: 'Does this blog contribute to the blogosphere with its thought and experiences, will  adding it add value to the Directory?' 

In some cases, we had to interact with some otherwise good bloggers, advising them to remove some very obvious flaws in their otherwise good blogs - unwanted pop-ups, an unending blog list, gaping white space between paras, too many ads on a personal blog and so on. Such bloggers have (mostly) obliged by making amends. Some otherwise plain blogs have also been included because of their socially relevant cause.

We had to leave behind some excellent blogs because we could find no clue about their regularity or their posts are stacked like static pages on a static website. Similarly we had to filtered out review blogs with no disclosure at all. Blogs that are run by commercial entities or have big editorial teams were also been excluded. We'd try to bring a separate directory of such blogs if time permits.

We've included blogs in which the content was good but the blogger had no control over anything except the content [blogs on captive platforms e.g.]. But we've no option but to leave platforms that are horrible in terms of navigation and impose themselves on the blog.

The Directory wouldn't include Huffington Post but, yes, Seth Godin!

You might still have a question in mind, i.e. why we do not include some top rated blogs that you find in listings of others. Let's explain. 

As we have amply clarified elsewhere, we do not include blogs as part of corporate or media portals. We also filter out blogs in which earning is the sole motive. Blogs maintained as static websites, comprising mostly of automated content and web magazines are also out. 

In India of today, there is no bigger social media personality than PM Modi. Modi's blog is ironically the most apt example of what we can't have here. When he was Gujarat CM, he maintained a personal blog, which was in this Directory for many years. Now he has a portal, and it has a more modern look and huge resources, but it is not a blog. (In a corner of this massive portal lies a blog which, btw, is not updated since 2015.) So is the case with the second biggest media personality in India, Shashi Tharoor. We can't include his personal site in the Directory, though it is more regularly updated than many regular blogs.

Similarly, we can't have HuffPost, Mashable and similar big blogs even some such biggies are Indian. Yes, we would have Seth Godin's blog and Blog Tyrant here if they were Indian.

Now, the Directory.

You can access the Directory here: Best Indian Blogs: alphabetical listing. We'd soon come out with category-wise listing of the Directory and then a smaller list out of these fine blogs that have excelled in all quality parameters. We call them Platinum Blogs.

If you see the badge given below on a blog, you can be sure of the standing of the blog as a quality blog. However, do read the disclaimer below before you deal financially or otherwise with such a blog.

For bloggers whose blogs are listed in the blog directory: You may consider putting the badge as seen here on your blog. This is purely voluntary. For putting the badge on your blog, copy the html code given in blue text below and paste it somewhere in a post (if you can edit the post in html view) or in an html gadget/ widget. Please do not copy paste the badge but the code, unless you cannot put the html code on the blog. 
 <a href=""><img src="" style="border: 1;"></a> 

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Inclusion of a blog in this Directory is no certificate from ITB. We cannot be held responsible for any harm occurring due to a blog’s inclusion in this Directory. We also do not take responsibility for any inappropriate content of any type including defamation, plagiarism, use of inappropriate text and audio-visual material, etc carried by any blog listed in the Directory, though at the time of Directory compilation, we took due care not to include blogs with inappropriate content in the Directory.

If your blog is in the Directory and you don’t want it here for any reason, do tell us and we will immediately unburden you of the listing.