My God! You are still blogging!!

Progress of blogging over the years

It is nearly 20 years since the word 'blog' was coined to describe a web page on which regular updates were carried as if it were a 'log' or diary of events rather than a static website.

Blogging grew from strength to strength as it peaked around 2010-12. Some social media observers in during 2002-6 period even thought that blogging would remain the top tech activity for years to come. But then emerged social networking sites. Orkut ruled for a while, to be annihilated by Facebook. Twitter brought 'micro-blogging' to the mainstream. The space for online social interactions was then also occupied by Instagram, Snapchat, and so on - each with its own ways to share and engage. Chatting sites such as WhatsApp used the space for instant messaging and added sharing features that made them very popular.

Where blogging stands today

New free and paid platforms have arisen after Wordpress and Blogger and they fulfill the unmet need of bloggers who want just to write or post audio, photos and videos, without bothering for design. 
If traditional blogging lost a lot to social networking and chatting, it got some from social platforms too. Social biggies such as Facebook and LinkedIn have opened up blogging on their platforms. 

In all, old bloggers are still blogging and many new bloggers are joining the blogosphere; however, the rate of death of blogs seems to be higher than their birth rate.

Who is blogging in 2017? 

Who are the bloggers who are able to sustain their blogs despite onslaught of social networks and chats? And who are the guys who open blogs even when it is often said that people now need only quick and short bits of information?
One. Bloggers of today are thinkers. If you are not a person with thoughts worth sharing, you would not blog as your urge to engage would be met more than enough by social networks. So, in most cases, you won't be blogging in 2017 if you do not have thoughts and experiences that go beyond chats and quick reactions.

Two. Many bloggers of today are businessmen. More and more bloggers of 2017 are sole entrepreneurs. These are people who are focused on using blog as a business. Many are part-timers and some are full-time bloggers for whom blog is for monetizing their talent and time. 
blogging in 2017
A blog is more than just a social media entity in 2017. Photo: Pixabay

Three. Bloggers of 2017 have a purpose. Even if the blog is not meant for making money directly, it must give the blogger something big than just sharing thoughts. That may not be the rule but a big factor, because it is difficult to sustain blogging if it is aimless. The days of diary writing for the sake of it are over and nobody would come to your blog if it does not give them something more. 

Four. New bloggers of 2017 are in a hurry. The trend of opening new blogs and then letting them die is not new. So, a good number of blogs, especially from areas that have got internet connectivity only now and in new  languages, are added every day. Unlike earlier days, the blogger is in a hurry to be popular and make money; so, if he gets success in these, he is prepared to invest time and money and if he fails, he does not hesitate to dump the blog instantly.  

These are some observations on blogging as it stands today. Any further ideas?