March 21, 2017

Bloggers on Blogger, have you seen these fantastic new themes?

Blogger, the free blogging platform of Google, has quietly added some contemporary themes/ templates. 

These themes come in four groups: Contempo, Soho, Emporio and Notable. Each has a number of sub-themes.

Notable theme: one option out of many

Soho: new, bold, theme

One area in which Blogger was supposed to be poorer in comparison to Wordpress was that it did not have modern looking themes. I have seen comments such as 'Blogger blogs are fit for a 16-year old blogger experimenting with her fashion, and not for serious bloggers and in no way for professionals'.

blogger new theme
Contempo: another Blogger theme group

Those on Blogger platform had the facility to play with colors and layout but, yes, their choice for ready-made themes was rather limited. The new addition bridges that gap to a very large extent. With the ability to further customize the themes, bloggers on this platform can now easily create a new blog template of their choice, with dozens of choices of color, font, layout etc within each theme.

Emporio theme on Blogger
A blog on Emporio theme
One word of caution: Minutely study the preview pane (it comes just before the tool tabs, as shown in the images in this post) before applying any new theme, because your assets on the blog may be re-positioned in a way you may not like. When such changes are minor, you can correct them through 'advanced' tools within 'theme' or through 'layout' tools, but when these are too many and big, it would take too much time and energy in fixing them.


  1. I love these new themes, especially Contempo (which I have already started using) and Soho. The only problem is — all these themes display the date and author on static pages. I have so far found no way of disabling the date and author on *only* the static pages (without removing the info from regular blogposts). This is annoying since I have a collaborative blog with another person and while we want individual blogposts to show the author (and date), we don't want that on the About page and other static pages.

  2. Yes, I looked at your blog and see your concern. There is no option in the Pages or Settings tools that can remove timestamp from static pages.
    One non-HTML bypass is to include your bios in your profile and have an 'about us' gadget rather than a static page. I find that safer than hiding the timestamp or playing with scripts.