The world's lightest desktop PDF reader: perhaps you need better ones!

In an earlier article on PDF software, we had reviewed some PDF reader, annotator and converter programs. In the present one, we'd like to talk about a program that, after our experience with it for nearly two months, we do NOT recommend.

World's smallest PDF reader

In our earlier review, we had recommended Foxit Reader. But this one - Slim PDF Reader - is claimed to be one-fourth of the size of that. We loved this, but when we were told of some problems by a blogger friend and we asked the developers to explain that, they said they have now deprecated the program.

Not only that, when we reviewed their 'premium' product, they sent us a disavow notice. So, friends, we do NOT recommend this 'world's lightest PDF reader' or its premium version, Able2Extract . We continue to recommend the PDF readers, annotators etc as in the previous post.

Bruised with this experience, we have learnt to be even more cautious with our recommendation for software useful for bloggers. 

We do not have any commercial considerations with the producers of these product. The producers of had provided a PIN to use the premium version and we have, after testing it for two months, decided not to use it any further.