Social media updates: Trump vs Obama, Vine closes, global social media use survey

The parting and first social interactions of US Presidents

You are judged by the first impression that you create and remembered for the parting words that you uttered, isn't it?

In his inauguration speech, the 45th US President, Donald Trump, talked of the mess his predecessor had left the country in and talked of 'America first'. If some said the speech was the most patriotic since ages, aspirational and direct to the people, others dubbed it as deeply divisive, dark, hollow and playing to the base sentiments of Americans. Overall he got less cheers, more criticism. His detractors compared it with the positive and statesmanlike speech of Obama eight years ago.

The  outgoing  President, Barack Obama, in his farewell speech and the parting post on Facebook were pluralistic, graceful, brief. 

Their postings on the social media show what they stand for:

Trump's first few official tweets:

You can watch a farewell speech of Obama at this link.  

When social media is not liked by top democracies!

It is a well-known fact that in the name of assistance, armed forces use low-rank soldiers in household chores. This is rampant in countries that have not outgrown the feudal mindset of their earlier colonial masters. India is one of them. 

When a number of Indian soldiers started posting on social media their feelings of disgust at the treatment they got from superiors, the new Army chief chose to give them the stern warning that such conduct would invite disciplinary action. 
TV grab of a report on YouTube use by soldiers

The YouTube videos from soldiers and FB/ Twitter support from their sympathizers have disappeared!

There are press reports that the Trump administration has asked employees of EPA (Environment Protection Agency) and Department of Agriculture not to post updates on the social media or talk to reporters. It is felt that the gag order is meant to check unauthorized statements on climate change.

How have you been affected by Vine closure?

So, finally Vine has closed down. 

The popular 6-second video sharing app, Vine, could not withstand the intense competition from Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, and has gone dead. If you are one whose life veered round this app, you must have downloaded the videos, but you'd miss the snappy videos you used to post and see, with emojis,  and of course its own lingo.

Vine is dead; long live Vine Camera.

Wait. Vine is not dead. One, the site will for quite some time keep the archives, so even if you have not saved your Vine loops, you need not worry. Two, Twitter (who owns Vine) has announced that Vine app has turned into Vine Camera. It allows you to capture 6.5 second videos and post them on your Twitter account. [It is hardly a big deal, as Twitter allows any short video of this length to play in loop.]

Nationals of which country uses social media the most?

A recent internet and social media use survey by WeAreSocial and HootSuite finds that among all nationals on the earth, Filipinos spend the highest time on social media. On an average, Filipinos spend over 4 hours a day. Compare it with even advance countries: Japanese spend an average of 40 minutes a day only!

The survey also says, while North Americas have about 66% social media penetration while it is mere 7% in the Central Asia. Among countries, India and Nigeria come at the lowest end of the list. At global level, about 37% population is connected with social media.