Platinum list for 2015-16: India's topmost quality blogs

This premium list is updated yearly. You can visit the next list here.

Ranking is subjective, very subjective. Yet, in our zeal to showcase the best-est-est blogs, we have chosen about two dozen from among thousands for their contribution to the blogosphere by way of relentlessly bringing out quality content. Of course, navigation and other design elements, regularity, engagement, overall resources and other qualitative factors have been checked to ensure overall high quality.

Let's repeat what we said about our Platinum list last year: Platinum is one of the 'noble' metals. It is more stable, corrosion resistant and ductile than gold and silver, the other noble metals. It is rare and expensive too. So are our platinum blogs: stable, full of valuable resources, and not cheap in looks and monetization. Of course, we cannot compare a blog on economics or book reviews with that on fashion or food, but within their genres each is a topper.

Bloggers whose blogs are part of a newspaper's blogging platform do not have control over look & feel, we have selected top blogs of this type but have kept them separately.

As of now, we do not include commercial, corporate and organizations' blogs in our listings.
abhijitbhaduri - Abhijit Bhaduri
anindiansummer-design - an indian summer
b00kr3vi3ws - b00k r3vi3ws
baradwajrangan - Baradwaj Rangan
elixirofknowledge - Elixir of Knowledge
geetika-gupta - Boisterous Bee…
highheelconfidential - High Heel Confidential
holycowvegan - Holy Cow!
jaiarjun - Jabberwock
joshidaniel - Joshi Daniel Photography
kafila - Kafila
lemonicks - Le Monde
lighthouseinsights - Lighthouse Insights
litebite - Lite Bite
moneyexcel - MoneyExcel
movieretrospect - Passion for Movies
onehotstove - One Hot Stove
purba-ray - A-Musing
rakskitchen - Rak's kitchen
readingonarainyday - Reading on a Rainy Day
saffrontree - Saffron Tree
sid-thewanderer - The Wanderer
sqlauthority - Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave
the-shooting-star - The Shooting Star
veganricha - Vegan Richa
whatsforlunchhoney - What's For Lunch Honey?

Blogs on newspapers' blogging platforms:

Citycitybangbang - City City Bang Bang
cursor - Cursor
erratica - Erratica
extraordinaryissue - Extraordinary Issue
randomaccess - Random Access
Swaminomics - Swaminomics

Capitalization in URLs and titles has been retained as on individual blogs.