Look at the diversity of top Indian blogs in this avatar

As you would know, the category-wise listing of the topmost Indian blogs is the main 'Directory of Best Indian Blogs', in another avatar.

As earlier, majority of blogs in the 2015-16 directory too are of personal or hobby type - sharing the blogger's joys and embarrassments, and thoughts on matters ranging from surroundings to society to governments to policies to life itself. Though not on professional matters, the blogs included in the list are among the best blogs on India and by Indians.

There are a good number of blogs on travel and photography, fashion, literature, arts, food, movies and technology. The number of good blogs by expatriates has gone down while more blogs on fashion, beauty and various art forms have made into the directory.

In the service of blogging

We take this opportunity to thank all our blogger and other visitor friends who have been visiting us all these years. This month we crossed 1.2 million visitor mark. We are nowhere in comparison to blogging biggies who have a good number of people working for them and have other resources; but so many visits (even if we discount spammers) encourage us to keep supporting good blogging. 

More than anything else, the series of articles on how to start blogging and how to take it to a high level have become very popular in a short time. Our directories and other lists of top Indian blogs are also visited by thousands every week.

You will also find our numbers interesting if you look at some of our eccentricities that go against traffic (and money-making). We do not accept guest blogging or other offers that do not gel with our ethical policies; we do not reciprocate followers on Twitter unless we find their content useful to us; we have stopped comments on posts; we seldom comment elsewhere or engage in forums; we might have opened accounts on almost all known big social and bookmarking platforms (for experimentation) but we are hardly active except on Twitter; we do not visit blogger meets though we keep getting invites;  we do not accept direct ads that do not go with our blog... 

In some ways, we don't do what we preach. You will find un-optimized pages and images, no proper meta-description on many posts, even a few broken links. It is not because we are not convinced of what we tell others; in fact, we have done numerous experiments with ITB only to understand how various tools and tips work in real life. Our not applying these to our own work is mostly due to our being finicky about our ethical commitment OR due to constraint of time.

We are committed to serve blogging in our little way without seeking anything in return. If you want us to be more useful, or if you want to collaborate (only if you agree to abide by our commitment), do suggest us how. 

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