Allo, Duo, are you up-to-date on Google technology?

Update: Allo has been launched, with Google Assistant, in September 2016.   

What is Google going to offer us in 2016 and beyond?

daydream-by-Google-Indian-blogsGoogle's annual event I/O 2016 has just ended. If you have not been following the event closely, we bring you the summary of what the tech giant showcased at the event and what's its vision for the years to come.

The range of technology discussed and displayed included 
Google-assistant-Indian-blogs - web assistance (Google Assistant),
- voice-command and speaker device (Google Home - like Amazon Echo),
- messaging app (Allo - like Facebook Messenger),
- video calling app (Duo),
- virtual reality platform (Daydream),
- next version of wearable technology (Android Wear 2.0),
- instant app installation on mobiles (Android Instant App),
- next version of Android (Android N - preview 3),
- more for developers at Google Play,
and some more.

Most of the stuff was for geeks and developers, not for people like us - non-techies. Yet, we got a glimpse of what Google would offer us users in the coming days.

  • Had a chance to use Google's Cardboard yet? You are going to get virtual reality (VR) functionalities on your phone now, but only on new phones. "By next year, most new smartphones will have VR in-built," Google feels. Together with it, you will have much more VR content on YouTube.
  • On your Android phone, you are going to see multiple windows that can be easily slid, and also picture-in-picture.
  • You will have a wireless assistant, called Google Assistant, that would carry out your commands that you speak out. The small white-grey wi-fi speaker sitting in a corner of your house is likely to give Amazon's echo some tough competition. Maybe, by the end of 2016.
  • You will have another chatting app, competing with Facebook Messenger and Snapchat in different ways. As it will be integrated with Google's virtual assistant, it would make instant suggestions based on your chat history and so on. Called Allo, it should be out soon.
  • Have you been using Hangouts, the video  conferencing app? Now Google offers Duo, a one-to-one video chat app. Google claims, Duo will come with high reliability and many features.
  • Your Android phone would now not need to download a whole app when you need it in the middle of browsing. It will download a module required for your very purpose instantly and play it for you.
  • We have moved from physical to laptop first to mobile first. Now comes AI first. AI (artificial intelligence) is one of the core areas in which Google is spending a lot of energy. It envisions a scenario, to arrive rather soon, in which you ask the virtual assistant to do whatever you have been doing on computers and mobile phones now. We saw a glimpse of it in the I/O conference, and Google promised to bring it into our lives fast.