How updating an old post boosted his blog traffic 5 times!

If you have written a post whose content is still relevant and will remain so for time to come, it is a great treasure on the blog. Realize its hidden value and make the best use of it.

We introduce you to Benjamin, who in his recent guest post on Ahrefs blog shares how updating an old post boosted his page-views significantly. Let's see what he did to achieve this. 

One of Benjamin's popular posts written two years back has seen dropping traffic and search engine position for its main keyword going down from #1 to #8 over two years of neglect. Then he received an email, which advised as follows:
1.Update your article with fresh information (rewrite sections that are out of date; fix broken links);
2. Make sure your On-Page optimization is absolutely perfect;
3. Give your updated article a round of good old promotion (build some links to it).
Benjamin applied all these meticulously and traffic to the post jumped about five times in no time. He has further broken down the advice he got into these actionable points:
- Rewrite out-of-date paragraphs
- Add links to your new content (so all the links aren’t pointing to ancient sources)
- Update the title to include the keyword
- Update the slug to include the keyword
- Include the keyword in the first 100 words
- Mention it in at least one sub-heading
- Edit your metadata to include your target keyword
- Change the publishing date to today
- Bump it up onto the first page of your blog
- Email it to your subscribers
- Run your promotion process (post to Reddit, share to social media, etc.)
- Keep a close eye on the rank over the next few days
(The extracts of the original post have been quoted here with permission from Ahrefs.)   

We have earlier discussed how linking to old posts is a wonderful SEO trick, but we'd caution you against overdoing back-linking. 

Related to re-purposing old content is reviving one's old website or blog. There might still be much value left in all its posts. Please visit the link for a detailed discussion on this.