Latest in virtual reality: Google announces cardboard plastic

Google has announced Carboard Plastic, a virtual reality headset just now. 

While announcing it, Google says: It’s our latest step toward truly immersive technology — a new viewer that lets you see, touch, smell and hear the world just like you do in real life.

Google divulges its features and tells why it is unique:
  • world’s first actual reality headset
  • 4-D integrated perspective
  • 360° spatially accurate sound
  • 20/20 resolution
  • realistic touch sensations
  • lightweight, waterproof, and engineered to last a lifetime as it is crafted from polymethyl methacrylate
  • no batteries, no wires
At this link, you can visit the Google Cardboard Plastic release site.

You may like to play this video on how Cardboard Plastic works: