How does Abhijit Bhaduri's blog shine so well despite his not caring for SEO?

Abhijit Bhaduri's blog
Abhjit Bhaduri is a well-known columnist, author and speaker on matters relating to HR in general and specifically on leadership. He also wears the hat of Chief Learning Officer at Wipro, a multi-billion dollar tech company. If you are faint-hearted, don't look at his About Me page on the blog.

Abhijit is also an avid blogger. His blog proves how professionals can successfully make their little blog-space on the www the fulcrum of their social media activities. 

Visit Abhijit's blog and note how outstanding content shines without any SEO. Look at the clean, professional, looks of the blog; the thoughtful categorization of resources; archiving and navigation; use of photos and video. No wonder, the blog is year after year a Platinum Blog.  

Abhijit so graciously agreed to share his experiences as a blogger. Here are his quick and sharp responses:

What do you think as your biggest success in the blogging journey?

Being able to continue blogging over ten years is an achievement. We all know what happens to New Year resolutions so this could have as well gone the same way. I am so glad that I have been able to pursue my passion despite my work and travel commitments.

Any regrets about blogging or any blogging-related actions you think are worthless or a waste of time?

Well I think it is very hard to get readers to comment on the blogs, it is not always forthcoming - at least on my blogs. A comment is the reassurance to a blogger that at least one person read the post. :) Not getting any comment is like you went for a party and no one said hi to you because no one noticed you.

Can you narrate one or two actions (or circumstances) that quickly pushed your blogging to a great height?

My blog does not meet any such standard.

How much importance do you give to these: quality of content, use of SEO, engagement with others, look & feel, or anything else?

I just enjoy writing. I do not understand all these technicalities of SEO usage etc.

Considering fast growth of social networking sites and other such media, what in your opinion is the future of blogging?

I love Twitter because it is brief and immediate. Blog is a long format content platform. The media will keep evolving. Blogging formats will change to keep pace.

What advice would you like to give to budding  or less established bloggers?

Produce engaging content. The rest will follow.

Tweet: I enjoy writing... don't know #SEO... says @AbhijitBhaduri on #blogging. enjoy writing... don't know #SEO... says @AbhijitBhaduri on #blogging.