Tumblr banned and freed...Picasa retires...Smartphone for $4... Hashtag spam... and more

Indonesian government decides to ban Tumblr and then retracts

Indonesia decided to ban Tumblr, one of the most popular blogging sites especially among the young
Tumblr, what is trending?
ones, because it was supposed to carry pornographic content... and then it retracted, seeing social media backlash. Tumblr is expected to voluntarily take down pornographic content on blogs in Indonesia.

Immediately after BBC flashed the move to ban Tumblr on 17 Feb, there were angry noises on social media against the ban decision. The news also rang alarm bells too soon because only a few days back, authorities had ordered that emojis depicting same-sex couples be removed from social accounts. A petition on change.org received  nearly 12 k supports for 'saving Tumblr in Indonesia'.

Twitter gives option to show the most relevant tweets before others.

Twitter has given a new option to users: to show them 'the best' tweets on top of their timeline and show other tweets in reverse chronological order. The 'Show me the best Tweets first' option is available through settings>content.

Google announces change from Picasa to Google Photos.

The much loved photo uploading and sharing site from Google, Picasa, is giving way to Google Photos soon. In a recent announcement, Google has said that it will give time to users to shift to the new platform. The existing resources on Picasa Web Album will remain intact and will be migrated to the new platform automatically, Google assures.

Whether the migration will impact image links, for example images related to blgos on Blogger, is to be seen. We trust that Google will not change the web location of these images.

Noticed hashtag spam on Twitter?

Twitter's hash-tagging is being spammed like hell. Some Twitter account holders don't write tweets with any substance or just an expression, and the rest of the tweet is full of hashtags. It not only irritates, it clogs the stream of tweets when you search for a particular hashtag. 

Look at the 4 consecutive tweets in the image here, some of which seem to be without understanding what hashtag is meant for and some definitely to spam. (We have blurred the identity of account holders.)

[Care to read this detailed article on how to put hashtags?] 

cheapest-smartphone The cheapest smartphone yet?

A company, Freedom251, has launched a smartphone in India for Rs. 251 or less than $4. And it brags of some features you'd find on phones of no less than 80 dollars. 

As was expected, the site crashed as visitors thronged the site. 

Other manufacturers of smartphones are crying foul. However, nothing seems missing on the phone other than a powerful battery.