Get a free screen recorder. Create videos for blogs, tutorials.

This time, let's introduce a fine screen recorder, CamStudio. This is a free software but has a number of options that you can otherwise expect only in paid programs.

CamStudio is very useful if you want to record the happenings on your computer screen, with or without audio. You can also give caption or watermark or time-stamp to the video. There are options for selecting an area of the screen, speed, showing cursor in different shapes or hiding it, quality of recording, frame rate and so on. A versatile beast indeed!

Video recording of screen movements can be used for demonstrating steps for fixing an issue, writing a code and similar other things.

You can download it from many downloading sites or from the developer's site. If you find bundled programs that show up during installation, you can uncheck them so that these are not automatically downloaded into your computer. It is also reported that .swf (=flash) files created by it are big in size; so, do not record files in .swf format but in .avi or .mp4 formats only.

It comes with an exhaustive FAQ: How to fix issues on CamStudio 

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