Easily improve understanding of html and web pages

We showcase good blogs. We showcase good software and tools for bloggers that we find on the web. We also showcase authoritative and dependable websites.  This time, let's share one nice website for learning concepts of web languages.
Let web lingo not scare you!

The site we're talking about is W3Schools The articles on this site are written in simple language with examples, and in a modular way i.e. you can go to articles of different levels of expertise. 

The site offers guidance not only on HTML - the universal language for creating web pages - but also other associated programming languages. These include JavaScript, XML, PHP, ASP.NET and SQL. In HTML, there are tutorials about graphics, games, maps and CSS (style sheet) too.

You might have realized that knowing a bit of HTML always helps in blogging and website maintenance even if you are not a techie. If you have a blog on Blogger, you can experiment with many minor HTML tweaks such as putting internal links / tags. If you are slightly more adventurous, you can change the looks of webpages, add functionalities here and there, customize pages and widgets better, add scripts and so on. The least, these simple tutorials and references add to your understanding of how websites work.

You can play with codes given in examples and instantly test them in a testing window. 

The site is free as far as learning is concerned. W3School runs certificate courses, of course on payment.  

We are in no way associated with W3Schools.