Updation of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs

As in previous year, we have carried out mid-way updation of blogs in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. And as always, many blogs fall off the Directory, and a few new ones join it. Most of blogs that have gone out had irregular posting and some went out as they added malicious code (mostly through a safe-looking widget), started carrying uncivil content, had done something very bad to navigation or design, or had turned the blog private.

We welcome the following new blogs to the Directory:

ajaykontham - The Shaded Shadows 
alltechbuzz - All Tech Buzz 
allusefulinfo - All Useful Info
dreamerswati - Swati's Reverie
everything-social - Everything Social
kitchenofdebjani - Debjanir Rannaghar

misswalkingshoes - missWalkingShoes
pinkandpink - Pink and Pink
quikrpost - Quirkpost
roohibhatnagar - Soulful
saltandsandals - Salt & Sandals
santoshnc - Santa's Reindeer
shanayatales - Shanaya Tales
talesoftravellingsisters - Tales of Travelling Sisters
theurgetowander - The Urge to Wander
tickereatstheworld - Ticker Eats the World
travelseewrite - Travel See Write
yummyindiankitchen - Yummy Indian Kitchen

Bloggers of these blogs can think of putting 'Top Blog' badge on their blogs. They may also like to read the disclaimer about the Directory. For these, kindly visit this post announcing 2014-15 edition of Directory.