Social media darling quits it in favour of controlled blogging!

Australian model quits Instagram, fed up with taking selfies and seeing likes she got. And getting depressed seeing how people's lives were better than hers. Realizing that it was leading to an unreal existence, she has quit Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr - the main social network accounts where she posted her photos and videos.

Fashion and beauty blogger Essena O'Neill had this realisation last week and has now opened a wonderful blog, where she talks about herself, her thoughts and caring for others. You can see more details in this report on Mashable.

The model with over half a million Instagram followers, also recounts how people fake their relationships to get more likes. She says, she got close to a supermodel online but at the end realized that he was proposing a business deal rather than love. 

Craving to ride social media can lead to depression

A study published in Computers in Human Behavior recently found that many social media users check how others were doing as compared to them, and this may result in envy and depression.

In chasing numbers of social acceptance such as likes and following, public figures put themselves under enormous emotional burden. When it is not possible to reduce the craving for such numbers, it is better to sign off, say some social media experts.

Essena's case is an example of a budding celebrity's disgust with social media in search of mental peace and balance in one's life. But this is an exception, more so since she has made such a decision early in life - she is just 18!