A wonderful image tool for all webworks and more: Fotojet

We bring you another great image tool for your website, blog and social media accounts.

Let's introduce Fotojet


In this little and lightweight tool, you start creating the image or card or collage with the first click. No registration, no preconditions, no tech requirements. You don't even need ideas or photos for starting your creation. Look at over a hundred samples and dozens of free photos on your platter and decide. And then let your creativity flow. You will see many frills and effects for customizing fonts, images, layouts and backgrounds.  

Unlike many other websites, Fotojet gives you the option to save the final image in big sizes and high quality - all without a watermark or proprietary limitations or a forced payment.

We find this web tool very easy and intuitive, yet full of options. The makers of the tool say it creates collage, and we feel that in saying so they are being unfair to their own creation. This tool is so versatile that you can create your blog's banner, an e-invitation, a Facebook cover... and of course a collage for any other purpose. From a blogger or website owner's perspective, we find that it can be used as an aid to creating stunning website designs.


IndianTopBlogs does not have any commercial dealings with Fotojet. We are making these recommendations after thoroughly testing the tool ourselves and being satisfied that it is worth recommending to fellow web users. If ever in future we develop a commercial relationship with Fotojet, we'll immediately inform about it here.