90% of Amercian young adults use social media, says Pew

Pew Research has come out with an analysis of 27 surveys on #socialmedia usage in the US conducted over the last ten years. 

Some data is just a confirmation of what you knew and some is revealing. Read on...
  • 65% of American adults use social media in 2015 as compared to 7% in 2005.
  • Overall use of social media has leveled off since 2013, but has increased in some groups such as old people who are late adopters of social media. 35% of those above 65 years now use it as compared to 2% ten years back.
  • 90% of young adults [=18 to 29 years of age] use social media. It is the most active age group on social media.
  • Almost same proportion of men and women use social media (68% women, 62% men).
  • More educated and richer the people, more is the chance of usage of social media by them.
  • All major racial and ethnic groups are users to almost same percentage, African-Americans being slightly lower.
  • Rural people use less of social media (58%) as compared to urban (68%) and sub-urban (64%).
At this link, you can browse the Pew report on social media usage in the US.