Facebook's profile video, Twitter's best moments, Blogger with https, and funky domain endings

Moving profile IDs on Facebook

Use of GIFs as profile image has been in practice for about a year now. Facebook has jumped one step ahead of others by allowing users to have a short video as their profile pic. In addition, one can post a photo to showcase some event, which would expire in a given time. with a video. It looks interesting, as you can see on this post on improving mobile profiles.

Right now, these functions are available to Facebook users only in California and the UK, and only on iPhone.

Twitter's best moments

Twitter has started showing selected tweets in a newsreel sort of show called 'Moments'.

In Twitter's own words, Moments helps you find the best of Twitter as easily as tapping an icon – regardless of who you follow. Just visit the new tab called Moments, where you will discover stories unfolding on Twitter.

As of now, this is available on major mobile platforms in the US, and will be rolled out worldwide in the coming days.

Blogger protected with https

Google has announced that its blogging platform Blogger will now give the blogs https protection. 

What it means is that your blog ending in .blogspot.com will have prefix https:// rather than the usual http:// Https increases the security of websites in many ways. This facility is currently available only if you go to Settings and choose HTTPS Availability. Moreover, if you have Blogger blog with a custom domain, this feature will not work. 

Google also says, some features of the blog might not work properly if you migrate to https. Update of April 2016: This very month, Google is going to provide https security to ALL .blogspot blogs. There will be no such setting option anymore.

New domain extensions

Till now, your options to have your site with apt and interesting suffixes was limited. You could have ITB.com or ITB.net or ITB.org or ITB.info. Some more extensions were added in the last few years, including country extensions (e.g. ITB.uk, ITB.in). 

Now, you can have domain names with more more suffixes such as .ninja, .photography, .expert, .guru and .news.