Social media updates: Modi to visit Facebook, Outlook social media awards, Twitter for news and Bihar elections

When tech trend-setter #MarkZuckerberg meets political giant #Modi

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg is hosting India's PM Narendra Modi later this month. They will field questions, perhaps on all things technical, Indian, geo-political and economic.

If you are interested in details, it will be 9:30 Pacific time, 27th September, 2015. According to Zuckerberg, they will discuss how communities can work together to address social and economic challenges.

On his Facebook page, Mark has invited questions and within four days, over 32 thousand comments have been received with varied suggestions and questions to Modi and Mark!

Twitter is now the first choice for news!

We carried a post recently about growing use of social media as the first media choice; this was our observation about celebrities lapping up social media before going to the mainline media.

But are the visitors / common people checking social media before going to the mainstream media such as television and print? Ok, you knew that. But nothing validates gut feelings better than surveys. So, have a look at what a recent survey by the American Press Institute has found (We have taken off a lot of data from the survey results).
  • According to the study, 9 out of 10 Twitter users say, they use Twitter for news. Most of them do so every day!
  • Users depend on Twitter for alerts as well as general news. 
  • Among those who follow news, three-fourths follow journalists, columnists etc. A slightly smaller number of them do follow institutional accounts.

Legal notices to bloggers: one more from a company

Just as Flipkart thought it proper to send a legal notice to blogger Amit Bhawani for hurting its reputation, Medianama has received a defamation notice from Star India for referring to Peter Mukerjea as Star's ex-CEO. A better counsel seems to have prevailed in this case as Star later withdrew the notice. Medianama has given details of the sequence and analysed the subject of online defamation in great details.

Outlook magazine announces Social Media Awards

Outlook, a popular English news magazine of India, has announced what it calls 'India’s first social media awards'. It says, Aimed at recognizing and rewarding the Outspoken, the Outstanding, and the Outliers of the social media universe, OSM awards will acknowledge stellar work by individuals, brands and corporations across categories.

Elections and social media: our pet subject!

ITB has discussed use of social media in elections umpteen number of times. Now comes a very keenly fought election in the Indian state of Bihar. Its current Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, is trying his best to retain power while NDA, the Indian PM's coalition, is trying its level best to uproot him.
Till recently not inclined to pitch in the social media, Nitish has deployed an army of youth to support him digitally. His Facebook page now has 800 thousand followers and he uses it often to attack his bête noire Modi. Nitish's old foe but now friend Lalu Prasad, who used to lampoon social media till last national elections, has 445 thousand followers.

With 782 thousand followers, Nitish's main rival Sushil Kumar Modi (SuMo), the Bihar chief of Indian PM's party, is fast catching up.

Indiscretion on #socialmedia; this time by one who should be guiding against it!

This doctor seems to have got too excited to learn about his yet-to-be-born child's sex - male. It is reported that he uploaded on his Facebook timeline
a report and sonography images disclosing the sex of the foetus, and a comment announcing his likely date of birth. (We could not find a matching profile; maybe, the account has been taken off.)

Dr Upadhyay has invited much deserved criticism on social media and also a legal case against him for announcing the gender of his child. Sex determination of foetus is banned in India as in some sections of the son-obsessed society, parents tend to abort the foetus if it is a girl.

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