Connecting the US and India through social media dialogues

@NarendraModi figures in a number of ITB posts on social media. Modi figured when he charmed Chinese social media users before visiting that country and the Modi-Chinese premier Li selfie went viral. We also carried an exclusive post on Modi's growing Facebook following. Now is again the time he must figure big as he deserves it.

September is the time when a number of national heads visit America for the UN General Assembly session. Many are there this year too. But while others are busy honing their speeches at the UN, only a few are busy transacting business that would benefit their nations. Among them too, nobody is doing business of finding investment and soft diplomacy like Modi.

Modi went to Silicon Valley to not only invite IT biggies to invest in and work from India, he used the opportunity to connect with the huge community of non-resident Indians there. He did both very efficiently. 
Modi's meeting with IT heads was great, with many big investment offers being made at the meet itself. His visit to Facebook and his fielding of questions at the 'town hall' was stupendous. His constantly-applauded speech at SAP Center reminded of his last September's Madison Square event. 

Indian PM has made profound statements on social media and internet connectivity. He says, cities in future would take shape not on river banks or around highways but along internet highways. He reminds world leaders that earlier their performance was assessed once in 4-5 years, but now their sayings and deeds are before the world in five minutes. He chides them to not run away from social media but adopt it. He recalls how he could catch so much information in such a short span [of his being at the helm] due to internet and social media which he could not have in ages by reading books or from advisors. He has sold his 'Digital India' mission like a great salesman.

How many PM's have got his presence felt in the Silicon Valley so much? When did you see last the Facebook boss's page full of His interaction with a PM  and his photo with a shade of the PM's national flag? When did you see Google garlanding a political leader on its homepage and carrying a special blog-page to showcase his boss's meeting with the leader?