YouTube Newswire: Journos, take note!

YouTube has launched a new channel dedicated to news as it happens. It has been aptly named Newswire.

How is the Newswire different from any other channel on YouTube? After all, YouTube already telecasts hundreds of television channels live besides getting 300 hours of video uploads every minute.

On Newswire, the news stories are posted by people at large, but are checked for trustworthiness and content quality. This 'hub of news videos' has a growing 'playlist' on different events. It is the product of collaboration between Google (YouTube) and an organisation called Storyful (It calls iteslf 'world's first social media news agency'.)

Áine Kerr, Managing Editor of Storyful says, 
...YouTube Newswire, an open-source tool for the world’s newsrooms and journalists; a tool that is grounded in years of trial and error, partnership and expertise. 
And so now, on June 17, 2015, the problem we are trying to fix is the same we’ve been innovating against since 2010: helping journalists find stories worth telling amid the noise of social. The noise and the need for curation have never been greater — and neither has our team’s commitment to creating the best social journalism.

It is expected that this new entity (channel?) would be a trustworthy resource for journalists, news organisations and the lay web surfer.

Facebook Newswire already exists, you know?

Facebook and Storyful started Facebook Newswire in Novemrber 2014 and has been liked by over a hundred thousand people by now. 

For getting updates on this channel / page, you need to 'like' the page and select 'Get Notifications' from the drop-down menu. You can also get updates through the related Twitter handle @FBNewswire.