July 4, 2015

India's 'the best' among the top blogs is coming soon!

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Platinum list for 2014-15
Our regular visitors and followers would know that we bring out a Platinum List of Indian Blogs. This list, of less about 30-40 blogs, contains Indian English blogs that are superb in almost all compartments of blogging. They excel in thought, language, presentation and overall richness of resources. Bloggers can take inspiration from them.

Not many of the blogs of the Platinum List might be making money out of blogging, but either blogging is a passion for them or they have used the blogging platform commendably for professional purposes.  

You can see these topmost Indian blogs at this link. This list is for last year, i.e. 2013-14. If you think a blog on India or by an Indian that deserves to be here has been left out, do write to us at kp.nd.2008@gmail.com or comment on this very post. We'd be greatly obliged.

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