#Social is fast becoming the first media choice

It seems that 'internet first' is catching on even in the less connected world. India is no exception. The 2014 general elections in India saw a great deal promotion on the web media, and politicians began using social media to say critical things about their adversaries as well as unreachable party biggies. PM Modi excelled, and continues to excel, in using social media for promoting himself and his government. We have been carrying such developments in our 'social media discussions' segment. 

What is happening now is that the use of social media is maturing; more than that, social media is becoming the very first choice when public figures have to say something. 

Most big politicians are now on Twitter or Facebook. Even a reluctant Congress prince Rahul (#RaGa) has over 126 thousand followers now. Only the very serious ones now maintain their blogs, and some have gone beyond blogging and made blog as part of their portal.

Let's look at some big social media activities of public figures in India. Later in the post, we'd talk about some more developments.

It was Sushma, the External Affairs Minister, who used Twitter to threaten Congress with tit for tat for their tirade against her. She tweeted to say that she would expose the Congress politician who had pleaded with her for passport for a scam-accused businessman. She has followed it by more tweets to explain her position.

Of all people, it was a very discreet Nitish, the Bihar CM, who showed indiscretion on Twitter. He tweeted to suggest that he was like a sandal tree around which his political bedfellow Lalu had curled like a snake but the sandal tree's cool nature remained intact. He used a saint's couplet for that, and it caused political turmoil for sometime but the two did quick damage control as elections are approaching in the state.

Neha Dhupia, a mid-level Bollywood actress, perhaps in her annoyance with a not-so-good going in filmdom, posted a tweet telling the PM that he should focus on implementation rather than pontificating. As you would imagine, she was trolled for days by Modi's followers.

Salman Khan, the top film star of Bollywood, ran a series of tweets on Sturday night, sympathising with Yakub Memon (the prime convict of 1993 serial bomb blasts who is to hang on July 30) and saying that his brother Tiger Memon should be hanged and not he. After an outcry, he retracted the tweets and apologised. 

Some more social media developments in India

ahalya-film-by-sujoy-ghoshA short film Ahalya has been released on YouTube. Within 6 days, it has been seen 2.4 million times! You can watch this 14 minute film by clicking on the screenshot here.

Good films are finding a great following on the social media. Film Masaan (Fly Away Solo) has been lapped up by the social media in a big way, and a very-short film has been released on social media first.

Shashi Tharoor's impressive talk at Oxford has gone viral. In the talk, Tharoor has argued how the Brithish rulers fleeced India during their rule.

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